1. GST for New India: Special programme from IIM Rohtak
    In the Panel discussion on GST for New India during the Induction Production of IIM Rohtak
  2. Opinion of Mr. Ramesh Agarwal's on #demonetization
  3. DriverSevaKendra – A unique initiative towards safer roads by APML which provides facilities to truck drivers to get adequate sleep & other services for free.
  4. Ramesh Agarwal Meet - Central Minister Nitin Gadkari
  5. Shri Ramesh Agarwal Presenting Innovations at FM Zone’s Conference Meet, New Delhi
  6. Mr. Ramesh Agarwal at CII - Staying Ahead and Profitable – Strategies for Maintaining Leadership?
  7. Hamara Fauji - Struggling Lives of Soldiers-Turned-Entrepreneurs
  8. Few Words by Shri Ramesh Agarwal On LIC Part I New Delhi 2013
  9. Few Words by Shri Ramesh Agarwal On LIC Part 2 New Delhi 2013
  11. Shri Ramesh Agarwal (Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd.) Leaders of Tomorrow-ET NOW and IndiaMART
  12. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd - Special Carrier to Transport Household Goods and Car at One Go
  13. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd : Exclusive Innovation - Trucking Cube
  14. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. - Shifting Process
  15. Mr. Ramesh Agarwal featuring in Awaaz Entrepreneur Show of CNBC Awaaz
    Watch Mr. Ramesh Agarwal (Mentor, APML) featured on Awaaz Entrepreneur show hosted by and telecasted at CNBC Awaaz on 12th August, 2017. As the name depicts Awaaz Entrepreneur is the show, where the interview with inspiring and successful entrepreneurs, who is an example for all, is being featured. In the interview, Mr. Ramesh Agarwal shared his motivation and vision behind starting the business, story behind the success and aim for the future.
  16. APML launching the two mobile apps – APML Sathi and APML Suvidha !!
    Agarwal Packers & Movers Ltd., The Limca Book of Record Holder as The Largest Mover of household goods in India is spreading its wings in global arena with a very strong international Moving Division, now has come up with its two new visions that are the launch of its two mobile applications – APML Sathi and APML Suvidha.
  17. Media Coverage of the Launch of APML Sathi and APML Suvidha by Shri Nitin Gadkari
    The news of launch of APML Sathi and APML Suvidha by our Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport & Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari, is doing rounds across various media platforms. This launch of two mobile apps by India’s largest and most awarded mover Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd. is significant not only for the logistics industry but also for economy of the country as on one hand APML Sathi is designed to empower Defence veterans and unemployed youth to be entrepreneurs and generate employment, on the other, APML Suvidha is engineered to add convenience of whole new different level to moving.
  18. A Way Towards RAM RAJYA - CORRUPTION Zero Within 180 Days
    CORRUPTION Zero Within 180 Days - An idea that can uproot corruption & bring back the golden era of RAM RAJYA
  19. APML following the path of Social service that savors of patronage is not service!
    Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd is a globally recognized logistics company since 1987, for imparting excellent services in packing and moving segments. While shifting, the only thought that worries you the most is the safety and care of your valuable belongings.
  20. Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd's New TVC – 2018
    We demand and promise complete trust factor when it comes to our services. No matter, wherever you move, we are here to offer you top-notch services with complete reliability. Avoid getting deceived by the fraudsters on search engines or any other online or offline platforms.
  21. Mr. Ramesh Agarwal on DD News for completing one year of GST
    On completing one year of GST “One Nation One Tax One Market”, I walked on that path grounding attention and special interaction in the programme, broadcasted on channel DD News.
  22. Beware of Fake Agarwal Packers
    Beware of Fraudsters! There are plenty of fraudsters, trying to trap you by different methods. Please be aware of this and do pass this message on to your colleagues! Be cautious! Here is the identities of genuine i.e. us: Assurance Picture of Shri Ramesh Agarwal Ji on website, stationary, & other documents The significant A-Logo, Our contact Numbers : 9 300 300 300 and 098 6001 5001 Our Website :
  23. Media Coverage for the program APML Sathi – Entrepreneurial Scheme for Defence Ex-Servicemen!
    Mr. Ramesh Agarwal, Mentor of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd., along with Major General Deepak Sapra, Sena Medal (Retd.), Mr. Gagan Deep Gantok (Eicher), Col. Rajeev Sahni, Col. YM Sharma (AWPO), Lieutenant Col. AK Sharma (AWPN, Jalandhar) pursuing his vision of carrying out the best living for Ex-Servicemen by distributing trucks and said that it will be the pleasant start for them, ensuring entrepreneurial scheme for Defence Ex-Servicemen and empowering Defence Veterans to be an entrepreneur with the new app – APML Sathi.
  24. Mr. Ramesh Agarwal featuring in BW Business World
    Mr. Ramesh Agarwal (Mentor, APML) in an exclusive conversation with BW Businessworld discussing how APML Sathi scheme that was launched in Feb. 2018 is providing social & economic empowerment to ex-defence servicemen through entrepreneurial scheme. The initiative was taken along with Ybrant People & AWPO by distributing trucks to Defence Ex- serviceman and empowering Defence Veterans to be an entrepreneur with APML Sathi.